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In the spirit of National Hispanic Awareness Month (Sept. 15 – Oct. 15), we wanted to highlight creators in the League of Legends community whose heritage traces back to Latinx countries. Today, we’re talking to Narz.

Who are you? What got you into creating content?

My name is Jennifer, but I am more known by Narz. I am a Hispanic (Dominican) native New Yorker. After graduating college, I wanted more meaning in my life than going to get my PhD in NeuroScience. I decided to follow my dreams of being a content creator in gaming.

At first I wrote video game psychology articles on my own website, I began doing event coordination for gaming events in NYC with the Girl Gamer Meetups where young women could get together for games and drinks at a local game shop.

I moved on to doing Esports events where local streamers could network and build their caster/hosting expertise by building real offline relationships. I was eventually contracted by ESL One to produce an event and then a League of Legends Finals after party when it was at Madison Square Garden. This got a lot of attention and I ended up helping many communities level up their event agenda and game plan. (Evolve, Defend The North, Sonic Boom Box). Soon after I began working as a full-time Social Media Producer at The Gamer Agency.

At a recent Overwatch event that I coordinate, a young 11 year old girl came up to me and gave me a hug. She told me she was so grateful for the event cause now she had friends to play with outside of her home. Her mom and dad stood behind her and thanked me as well. I was overwhelmed. It was then that I became determined to craft content not to self-promote myself, but to offer a safe recluse for anyone hungry for friendship, thirsty for companionship, or desperate for just someone to play with. Everything I do now revolves around building that type of community. One that is truly holistic and dynamic.

Where are you from? What's it like there?

I am from New York City. Born in the Lower East Side to Dominican Immigrants, my parents did the best they could do raise me. As the oldest for four, I was very much a leader without wanting to be one. At an early age, I got into gaming (age 5) and used it as a way to cope and better myself to be a leader. New York is a big place. Millions of people are in a small place and people normally stick to themselves. To befriend someone in the city can be quite the task unless you go to school or work with them. Finding people that also shared your hobby was even harder. There were no LAN cafes in NYC when I was young, nor any way to find others you could relate too offline. We didn't have anime or esports clubs growing up and if you did you were bullied or picked on.

What got you into League of Legends?

I use to play Final Fantasy XI religiously. I had played A LOT of story-driven games but FFXI was the first game that I played that required me to play with OTHER PEOPLE. This helped me to meet people online that I could relate to and build friendships with. In my Senior year of college, I met someone who would later be my best friend. Her name is Sara aka SvennaCirclet. She told me about this guild called the PMS Clan and that I should join it. I did, and one of the games they played was League of Legends. I joined the guild and started to play.

The bond we shared over lamenting over Satan (Teemo) or the skins that came out or how we gushed at our favorite pro player crushes (mine is Doublelift x3) it was nothing like I had experienced growing up. I think this is why I volunteered for the NYC League of Legends organization because I desperately wanted to support the League community that fostered this amazing, compassionate love for fellow summoners. I've been hooked since.

What League-related project are you most proud of?

The project I am MOST PROUD of is when I coordinated the League of Legends LCS Summer Finals Afterparty. I ran the entire show providing logistics and reaching out to influencers to attend the event. The event garnered so much attention; I ended up working with Riot Games to make it free for attendees since at first it was a ticketed event.

Who is your favorite champion and why?

LeBlanc. Besides the fact she is amazing to play as, I really identified with her. According to her lore, she was a secret adviser to many, igniting wars and inspiring others to action. Up until I became a full time content creator, I was always in the shadows of other. Building their success and brands while I was left behind, or even disrespected. In the same way as the Black Rose has yet to bloom, so to have I.

It wasn't until LeBlanc got her rework that I stopped playing her for some time as it was harder to break old habits. It was difficult to say, but I was angry I couldn't play her anymore. I felt deprived that the change had severed my affinity for the champion. How could I not play her anymore when she was my fav?

When they reworked her back to her old mechanics (some still changed), I wondered if I could get back into playing Mid with her again seeing as I now moved to ADC. The new LB turned out to be quite better than the previous version of her. In retrospect, I think of how LeBlanc changing was for the better. Maybe my change will be too.

Who inspires you? Put some links, share some love.

Def have to say one of my best friends Tiffany aka Cresta Starr. Out of all the people I see hustling every day, she has the courage and strength to stay positive in the face of adversity. From prejudice, to mockery, even physical threats she always manages to turn every situation. She is a huge advocate for gay rights and fosters a great community that respects and identifies difference among people. I hold the highest amount of respect for her.

Going to also share some love to my entire League Starter Pack Posse, which whom I would never have stayed playing League of Legends:

SvennaCirclet, Silcris88, Lighthammer_, BlueJayOnToast, Appy_Nation.

What's something people would be surprised to know about you?

I'm a huge Otaku. I use to live in Japan and speak Japanese conversationally. I return back every year to visit college friends.

What are you currently working on?

Building my Mixer channel so I can get partnered and my YouTube Channel! I also do events monthly at EsportNYC and Muses NYC Influencers Network

Remember to always stay FAB-ulous!


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