Check out the Comic Contest Winners!

By Sandalwoodgrips

The comics contest closed submissions a couple weeks ago, and we have spent the better part of the past two weeks lol-ing, awww-ing, and wtf-ing at the incredible comics you all submitted! Speaking as certified comic lovers, we were insanely impressed with how much awesome you packed into just 3 square boxes!

As always, choosing finalists was tough, but after much debate we're proud to present the 2019 League of Legends Comic Contest Winners!

Grand Prize



King Xeno



Honorable Mentions

  • 333lom
  • Aldexii
  • AtomicRedBoots
  • Basement Goblin
  • Crush937
  • Cryonik 5
  • Ettorac
  • Faniry
  • Girumas
  • Kaworin
  • Kaytielang
  • Kitsune fox
  • Kobakiel
  • Macncheeze
  • Nayzuu
  • Perinceptos
  • Raida
  • rito piz nerf
  • SirLanc3Lot
  • SLAM3T
  • Steroline
  • The Ordinal
  • WeinbergEnte
  • Xeros610
  • ┼╗hut

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to everyone who entered.

We will be reaching out via email to the Grand Prize winners over the next week. For all Honorable Mention recipients, expect to see your prizes awarded to your League account within the next week as well. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to player support.

2 months ago

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