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By Riot Yuka

Whether it’s the gruesome Soul-Bound ritual tethering Kalista to her support or the rivalry between Freljord leaders Ashe and Sejuani, League’s varied relationships bring the world of Runeterra to life. We asked our incredible cosplay community to bring some of these interactions – both friendly and hostile – to life in our most recent call for entries. You submitted so many inspired shots that we can’t squeeze them all into a single page- so we’ve included a few teasers below. If you like what you see, be sure to check out the full gallery.

Darkflame Shyvana (Captain Izzy) and Championship Shyvana (Element Cosplay), Photo by Lexa One

Ahri (Noe) and Katarina (Asu), Photo by Kihachi

Warring Kingdoms Nidalee (Tsupo) and Dragonblade Riven (CloodM), Photo by Lucas Ambrosio

Visit the full gallery now to view 30 incredible “Friend & Foe” cosplay photos.

Before we sign off, we’ll leave you with a teaser for the next cosplay roundup so you can start planning ahead of the formal announcement. Summertime is here, the sun is out, and we’ve reached the heart of cosplay season. Our next round-up will be Pool Party-themed. Time to bring a new meaning to the phrase “champion pool”! Look for submission details soon, and we invite you to review our full cosplay round-up schedule for 2015 here!

4 years ago

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