Community Mixtape: The Yordles

By RiotGenzer

Over on the League Community YouTube channel, we’ve been asking League YouTubers to create Community Mixtapes – shout-outs directly from the community that highlight and uncover all types of League content creators, from popular streamers and personalities to up-and-coming artists and awesome that’s just off your radar.

Since 2012, Sonny Williams and Miles Roozen have belted out League-inspired ballads and original songs as The Yordles. With hits like The Legend, It Was K, Mundo Heart Vayne, and Sheriff Cait and the Western Gang, there’s no genre these two rock stars won’t try.

The Yordles are here to highlight five YouTube channels that deserve your attention and love. Give them a watch:

  • Instalok
  • Badministrator
  • Scurb
  • Calbel
  • Gweedo
  • Let us know in the comments which League YouTubers you’d like to see make a mixtape next!

    4 years ago

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