Cosplay Lab is here!

By Mhija

In the tradition of Creator Lab and YouTube Lab, we’ve invited a number of community creators to LA for a first-of-its-kind event, the Cosplay Lab! Over three days of fun and learning, creators will level up with workshops focusing on the theory, craft, and art of cosplay, all the while strengthening relationships and collaborating with their peers.

Under the tutelage of Vensy (Vensy Props), as well as Ben Bayouth (Stoopid Buddy Studios) and Brett Horn (4 Itchy Tasty! Cosplay), creators will learn about molding, casting, electronics, wiring, foam, and more!

This newfound knowledge will be used for the main event -- The Challenge -- a theorycrafting exercise in which the creators will be split into groups and leverage their unique skills and styles to plan out an epic cosplay pitch with all the ambition and heart of the now-infamous Thresh puppet.

To help guide their projects -- and challenge the creators -- each group will be given two constraints, one thematic and the other related to design. The groups will have two days to design their concepts and prepare a presentation, which will be judged by a panel when the clock runs out.

Cosplayers bring an incredible amount of hard work and heart to the League community. We hope bringing these talented individuals together will add fuel to that passion and strengthen bonds that might result in some pretty sweet collabs!

Check back for updates, photos of the cosplayers’ progress throughout The Challenge, as well as the end results!

What are your favorite cosplays? Tell us about them -- and the masterminds behind them -- in the comments below!

2 years ago