PAX East cosplay recap

By Riot Jynx

We’re always amazed by the talent and passion that the cosplay community brings to events like PAX East, and this year was no exception. From the Riftwalk to the uLoL showcase, check out the amazing creations from the show.

PAX East Cosplay Boogie

For this event we collaborated with Beat Down Boogie to help highlight the community and share some of the PAX magic!


The Cospitality Room was once again open to all cosplayers for costume repairs and breaks during the event. We joined forces with community photographer PhotosNXS to capture the awesome costumes that visited the League space!

See all the cosplayers on Imgur

Cosplay Showcase

An army of League cosplayers also stormed the PAX uLoL stage for an epic show of community talent and passion! You can also see our guest creators speak about their craft in the The League Community Creator Showcase panel VOD.

View the cosplay event gallery on Imgur

All Chat

ALL Chat was also on site at PAX to catch up with old friends, and makes new ones! Xell and Jimmy Wong hit the halls to take us on a magical journey through amazing cosplay (a 13 foot tall Thresh!), freestyle rapping, and a really bad pirate joke.

PAX 2015

Looking for more? Travel back to PAX East 2015 where we spoke to players about their passion for League cosplay and making friends in the community.

Do you have a favorite cosplay from PAX? Let us know in the comments below!

3 years ago

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