Creator Spotlight: Dumplings

By Riot zephyr

The Creator Spotlight is our way of featuring a variety of different talented League of Legends creators. This week we’re shining the spotlight on Dumplings, a streamer on the rise with a passion for Kled.

Tell us about yourself! :)

Yo, my name’s Tenzin but some of you may know me as Dumplings! I’m a Diamond top laner and Twitch streamer. I was introduced to the world of Twitch back in 2015 where I became an avid viewer of small community based streams and I think the sense of belonging and love for gaming in Twitch communities is what made me fall in love with streaming. I wanted to have my own supportive community. I wanted to be the person that brightens up other people’s day. I wanted to do something I loved. Due to familial pressure and college, I wasn’t able to start my own stream journey until the beginning of 2018.

It’s the best decision I ever made! Streaming has brought me so much positivity and happiness in my life alongside meeting so many wonderful individuals. I know I’m relatively new to the stream world but I hope I can keep doing this for a long time.

What is something people would be surprised to find out about you?

I feel like a good portion of gamers grew up around family members or friends who played video games but for me, I found the world of video gaming on my own and at my parent’s disapproval. I used to watch a lot of Pokemon as a child and when I found out you could play it on consoles, I begged my parents for almost a year before they caved in a bought me a used Gameboy to play Pokemon on. My mom never liked spending money on games since she was a typical immigrant mother that wanted me to focus solely on school and paving the road to becoming a doctor at the age of eight. My dad would take away my Gameboy away almost every week because I had no self control and could play all day and I would slack on my homework. Perhaps it was the rebellious side of me but that only propelled me to keep doing what I loved.

How did you get interested in League of Legends?

Before playing League, I played Pokemon and Woozworld for over 4 years. During my junior of year of high school, I worked at a pizzeria to make some pocket change and my manager at the time recommended I play League of Legends. I remember installing it the same night and being really tired the next day in school because I spent the whole night playing bot games.

I’ve always been a competitive person at heart so when I discovered the ranked system, I jumped into ranked after I hit level 30 and embraced the climb ever since. I am always looking to improve myself and my gameplay and really want to hit Masters or even higher one day! I’ve been consistently diamond the past three seasons playing top lane. I also really loved the League cinematics and trailers, I used to watch them all the time on Youtube. My all-time favorite video is the reworked Warwick champion trailer!

What League-related project are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of participating in Twitch Rivals! I actually think it’s my first League-related project I was apart of, thanks to the League Partner Program. It was such an awesome experience and I had so much playing in it. I learned a lot after playing against (and getting crushed by) some of the best top laners in scrims. I got to play with and against streamers I used to watch and look up to which feels so surreal. It was also really fun watch streamers go against each other. I’m super happy with my performance and can’t wait for the next Twitch Rivals!

Who is your favorite champion and why?

Kled is my favorite champion, hands down. I’m a Kled one trick after all! His aggressive playstyle initially piqued my interest as I have a natural fondness for aggressive top laners. The dismount mechanic is very fun to play with since it allows me to outplay situations and survive teamfights. I definitely resonate with Kled’s crazy personality and I’ve always really liked the champions from Noxus. Sion and Swain are my two other favorites. Their lores really sold them for me.

What do you think is the most difficult thing about Kled to master?

Personally, managing Skaarl’s health bar is the most difficult part about playing Kled. You have to understand your trades/match-ups so you don’t get dismounted. Getting dismounted during laning phase is truly the worst feeling, especially if you don’t have teleport to easily get back to lane. The dismount mechanic can be confusing at first but once you get the hang of it and understand when you can and cannot remount before dying, everything else in Kled’s kit comes with practice. You can easily remount with your Q and W up if you get the whole combo off and bait opponents to their deaths while you remount! It’s what separates good Kled player from a great Kled player.

Any tips for new Kled players?

You can win most trades (possibly even get a kill) from level 2 to 3 by holding onto levelling your W. I usually start off with Q then E if their level 2 is stronger, in case I need to get out of a bad trade. Then at level 3, I wait till my abilities are back up then I all in my opponent while holding onto my level up on my W. I start off by E’ing into my opponent so I’m able to get the second cast of E for use later in my trade. Then I quickly level up my W in the middle of the E animation then throw out my Q so it latches onto my opponent then make sure to auto them the whole duration of my W then E again. With this level 3 all in, it usually forces my opponent to flash out to safety or leave lane to heal up. It works in 90% of top lane match ups. Just make sure to practice it so you don’t mess up the combo otherwise it’s not gonna work out as intended.

If you could be in charge of the next Kled skin, what would you want it to be or look like?

Prehistoric Kled. Skaarl could look like a derpy velociraptor, it’d be hilariously scary looking. Kled could be a dinosaur park ranger wearing a nice Aussie hat.

Let’s end with some love for others! Who inspires you?

I have to shout out two amazing gals I’ve known forever. Not only did they inspire me from the beginning but they helped me so much with learning the ropes of streaming and just being such helpful and supportive friends. Much love to my girls, Mary and Alex!

I also wanna shout out two wonderful ladies that I’m happy to call my friends. Fiona and Sreya definitely deserve some love too! Please check them out!

You can follow Dumplings for more Kled fun here:

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