Elementalist Lux cosplay showcase

By Popstar Urf

With Elementalist Lux gracing Summoner’s Rift in ten dazzling forms, a cosplay call was heard around the world. The elements beckoned to several talented cosplayers, who teamed up from across the globe to bring you this stunning showcase, featuring all ten of Elementalist Lux’s fetching (and formidable) forms.

Check it out below!

Cosplayer: Setsuna from HAGANE Cosplay / Country/Region: Turkey

Cosplayer:小圆脸雪雪 / Country/Region: China (CN)

Cosplayer: [Catroulette] / Photographer: [SFXImages] / Country: [Oceania]

Cosplayer: [Anne Clara Priscille] / Photographer: [Hazmi Iskandar] / Country: [Indonesia]

Cosplayer: Susana Cosplay / Photographer: Booki / Country/Region: Latin America South

Cosplayer: Ribbons Cosplay / Photographer: Catberry Photography / Country/Region: United Kingdom

Cosplayer: Angela Bermúdez / Photographer: Andrés Herrera / Country/Region: Costa Rica

Cosplayer: [Alishiera Cosplay] / Photographer: [SFXImages] / Country: [Oceania]

Cosplayer: Gorvenna.the Siren 古薰娜 / Photographer: 倩影 / Country/Region: Hong Kong

Cosplayer: Danielle Beaulieu / Photographer: Nick Poulos / Country/Region: North America

Cosplayer: Alodia Gosiengfiao / Photographer: Jionor Verona / Country/Region: Philippines

Cosplayer: [AZA (2AO)] / Photographer: [HYUNG AH] / Country: [KR]

Cosplayer: Mirai from HAGANE Cosplay / Country/Region: Turkey

Cosplayer: Onnies / Photographer: ButterFile Artist / Country/Region: Thailand

Don’t forget to check out each cosplayer’s page for more photos, and let us know in the comments which Element is your favourite!

2 years ago

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