Forgotten Project, The King of Fiora

By Riot Swimbananas

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Today we would love to introduce you to Forgotten Project. Rob is a Master Tier Fiora one trick, who’s YouTube channel and Twitch Streams focus on the outplay potential of The Grand Duelist.

Who are you? What got you into creating content?

My name is Forgotten Project but people usually just call me Rob. I’m a Master Tier Fiora main Streamer and YouTuber who is mainly known for my League of Undercover series on YouTube. The main reason I got into being a YouTuber (and later a streamer) is because there were no Fiora guides or anything to help me when I was first learning her, so I made my own. The first video guide that got 100k views (terrible now that I look back) encouraged me to keep going.

What got you into League of Legends?

My two friends got me into League a few years ago. One of them had an older brother who was gold that flamed me from the start for being bad. He got me into competitive play and ever since I passed him there is always someone else to pass that taunts me.

What League-related project are you most proud of?

Currently the best video I’ve made has to be my Mid-Season 8 Fiora Guide. But that will 100% be passed by my 25K Special Community Montage I’m cooking up.

Who is your favorite champion and why?

My Favorite Champion has to be Fiora hands down. She has been my OTP for 2 years now and I still don't get bored playing her. The main reason I chose Fiora is because back when I was an edgy Yasuo OTP in middle school, Garen would always smash me, so I played Fiora vs him and won for the first time. Then I reformed and dropped Yasuo for Fiora.

Who inspires you?

The main inspiration I get is from my three friends that also play Fiora in high elo, Giraffe Hugs, Albus Nox and Aegis Engarde. Seeing them make a crazy outplay always pushes me to make the same in my next game.

What's something people would be surprised to know about you?

Most wouldn't expect it but ever since I was a kid I've wanted to be a cop. As soon as I turn 19 I plan to enroll in the police academy and hopefully become an officer, and then a detective!

What are you currently working on?

Currently I'm working on my 25K sub special Fiora Community Montage as well as my Season 9 Fiora Guide. Every milestone we hit I agree to do a community montage for everyone to get hyped and see their plays!

Any advice for new or aspiring creators?

Start off on YouTube or Instagram or something that isn't Twitch. Get a following on any of the other platforms first then start to mention your Twitch. Unless you're a top 100 challenger, pick a champ and become known on that champion. Remember to also use r/(champion)mains on Reddit to help get you known.

~ Forgotten Project

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