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By gomatgo

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Glitch is a talented video game music remix artist and one half of the ridiculously fun collaboration you’re headbanging with Tryndamere to right now. Let’s go in-depth with Glitch and see what makes them tick.

Who are you? What got you into creating/crafting?

I'm GlitchxCity and go by Glitch, and I'm a content creator on YouTube and produce video game remixes. The reason why I'm here where I am today is because of a user named PokeRemixStudio. He basically was doing the same thing I'm doing today and I looked up to him and his content growing up. When I started my YouTube channel I had to think about what I wanted to be my "niche," and I looked to all the different creators I was watching and went "if he can do it, then so can I."

Where are you from? What's it like there?

I'm originally from Houston, Texas and recently moved to Los Angeles. Going from unpredictable climate changes in the south to constant (most of the time) nice weather is definitely something. I do miss having rainy days, so when it rains here in LA, it's like a blessing.

What got you into League of Legends?

I got a really late start to League, literally last year! I was invited by Riot and YouTube for a 3-day creator lab at YouTube space and all the creators there were high-profiled LoL creators. I was the only one on the list who didn't have a League background, but they were so nice and the Riot staff that was there were so awesome! I learned a lot about League in just those 3 days alone!

What League-related project are you most proud of?

I did 2 League-related projects that were both produced last year at the YouTube and Riot creator lab. There is one that I collaborated with Matt (MagikarpUsedFly), Pokimane, this one guy which I forgot his name [Editor’s Note: It was BananaPeelz] but he was such a League head and a sweetheart (sorry man!), and AngelsKimi, where we basically made a video called "What is League". It was mostly a 101 parody introduction to playing League. It gave everyone a chance to contribute their skills to the project. I was able to produce a remix of the Main Theme that plays when you enter the game and we included it in the final video. We then got a chance to debut our video along with everyone else's at the Riot HQ in this cool theater!

Who is your favorite champion and why?

Tryndamere, because Riot brought in his helmet as a prop and I wore it around the YouTube Space facility while filming our project. He's a pretty cool dude.

Who inspires you? Put some links, share some love.

As I said before, PokeRemixStudio was my kickstart to everything. Also my girlfriend is another huge inspiration for me, always pushing me to do my best, and definitely the entire crew over at GameChops. We work together on different video game remix albums throughout the year and they are definitely some of the best people I've ever worked with.

What are you currently working on?

Lots of projects, but the biggest one I'm working on is related to one of the biggest FGC game release of the year in December.

Peace out! Have a beautiful time!
~ Glitch

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