God of Ip-LoL - Tahm Kench

By Riot Glyceroll

Ever wonder what the top players in Korea think of all the brand-spankin’ new champions hitting the scene? Wonder no more, as they’re here to fill you in on all their early thoughts on how to play the good ol’ river king Tahm Kench in the latest episode of God of Ip-LoL, a show which focuses on the professional Korean League of Legends players and coaches discussing trends and champions within League of Legends - complete with team compositions and strategies to pull off moves like the pros!

This week, God of Ip-LoL features Duke - the top laner from Najin e-mFire, known best for his amazing outplays against nigh impossible odds. Plus, be sure to check out the entire playlist to find insights into your favorite recent champion!

God of Ip-LoL is in Korean, but has full English subtitles, so be sure to enable them on YouTube if you don’t see them!

Have you played Tahm Kench yet? Know any tips or tricks? Let us know below!

4 years ago

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