Kai’Sa Creations!

By gomatgo

It’s hard to imagine a more passionate group than League players – moments after Kai’Sa was teased, artists and cosplayers sprang into action, creating their own takes on the Daughter of the Void. Summoner Showcase today is all about Kai’Sa, and the talented creators who made Kai’Sa their own.

Not enough Kai'Sa for you? Learn more about her dark and mysterious past, playstyle, and more!

Kai'Sa Champion Reveal

Kai'Sa Champion Spotlight

Kai'Sa Comic: Breach

Kai'Sa Bio

Kai'Sa Short Story

Do you have MORE Kai’Sa art to show off? Post it in the comments for everyone to enjoy!

Want to see your art on the Showcase? Send it to us in the comments below, reach out to us on Twitter, and use #SUMMONERSHOWCASE so we can see your posts and submissions!

The Team:
Riot Swimbananas - Riot Recruiter by day, Summoner Showcase host by night! Also, Tidepod™
gomatgo – Producer, Show Runner, Director, Jhin main
Riot Jynx- Producer, Creator Support Programs, cosplay mama, lazy egg

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