KayPike Fashion Bodypaints Kai’Sa!

By gomatgo

Last month, we invited KayPike Fashion, the Twitch bodypainter extraordinaire, to the Riot campus in Los Angeles for a live Kai’Sa bodypaint! If you tuned in to the live stream, you got to watch KayPike transform herself over 18 hours from human to void daughter, and the results were astounding.

If you don’t have 18 hours to spare (it’s totally cool, not everyone does) KayPike’s partner-in-crime Moose assembled this time lapse of the whole process, linked below.

We sat down with KayPike during her trip to Riot and asked her some questions about getting started with bodypainting, what her experience with the League community is like as a relatively new member, and much more!

Check out the interview here:

And be sure to check out KayPike Fashion on Twitch!

1 year ago

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