Lights, camera, League!

By Sandalwoodgrips

Last month some of the League community’s biggest creators descended on the YouTube Space in LA for the ultimate content collaboration event, Creator Lab. Tasked with making a minimum one-minute long League of Legends video, the creators were split into teams and given access to a bevy of stages, props, and technology to make their wildest video dreams a reality. The catch? They only had 36 hours to shoot, re-shoot, edit, and polish their videos into works of art.

37 creators were split into eight teams, each with a mix of editors, musicians, and personalities. For some creators -- like Gbay and Gweedo -- this was a return to old stomping grounds, having participated in the YouTube Creator Lab last year. For others -- like Diashen, TooCurly, and DiscoHeat -- it was their first time thunderdoming.

Creators had access to four different themed sets, including the Shadow Isles, a riff on “Between Two Ferns,” a green room, and a little slice of Summoner’s Rift, complete with Blue Buff. While each set came with a stock set of props, they were essentially plug-and-play spaces and YouTubers went after anything that wasn’t bolted down. They took chairs from the YouTube Space lobby and finagled their own props on set, like a life size LilyPichu mannequin, a ukulele, and more. Shoutcasting former All Chat-hosting wizard, James “Dash” Patterson, and Riot Designer Patrick “Scarizard” Scarborough also showed up for some very interesting cameo performances.

At the end of the 36-hour, energy drink-fueled fever dream, each team was able to walk away with an incredible video. Not everyone wanted to publish to YouTube, which is totally cool, it's their content, but of the teams that did want to share their stuff with the world we’ve got a rap battle, a look into the future of League, and other assorted awesome, all of which we’ve included below:

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3 years ago

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