Lohpally: Challenger Support Extraordinaire

By gomatgo

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Lohpally is a former League pro turned Twitch Partnered streamer, and a Challenger support who can banish his foes to the briny depths as Nami or sentence them to death as Thresh.

Who are you? What got you into creating/crafting?

I’m Lohpally. I used to be a pro/competitive League of Legends player. Gave a feeling of productiveness while looking for a team.

Where are you from? What's it like there?

Southern California, lots of traffic and very warm most of the year.

What got you into League of Legends?

Played Heroes of Newerth with players like Scarra and Nien, but it got DDOS’d and a lot of my friends were playing League in season 2,so i made the transfer over.

What League-related project are you most proud of?

My full length Udemy guides on champions that also include extensive warding guides that are well put together.

Who is your favorite champion and why?

I've been liking Thresh a ton lately because of her versatile dynamics. You can play him incredibly aggressive or defensive based on the circumstances. This allows for a lot of skill expression with the champion.

Who inspires you? Put some links, share some love.

Aphromoo, Biofrost, and CoreJJ.

What's something people would be surprised to know about you?

I'm the one who plucked Licorice from soloq when he was a one-trick Fiora and introduced him to amateur teams.

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I’m working on a video talking about the evolution of League and what contributes to its big changes.

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6 months ago

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