Sade’s ALL Chat Artwork

By RiotGenzer

Sade is a long-time League fan and incredible artist. You’ve probably seen her work in or out of client before, and her distinct style and love of League made her the perfect artist to collaborate with for ALL Chat! She’s even been a guest on the show last year. Here’s a roundup of some of Sade’s ALL Chat thumbnails from the past year. Check out Sade on Twitter and Facebook!

Sade was one of the artists who helped create the League of Legends Facebook stickers. Using Zed as the focus, Sade imagined a happier, sunnier, sticker-filled Summoner’s Rift.

The entire conversation went something like: “Sade, do the four juggernauts who are causing such a ruckus at Worlds but like The Beatles Abbey Road.” “Okay.”

For the tattoo episode, we made Darius’ pain the focus. The tattoo artist is based off one of the producers’ actual tattooists.

We wanted something about “getting pumped for the new season!” and Sade delivered beefcakey Illaoi and Braum. Good times.

Purely a personal want in our lives, I wanted to see Sade draw Sejuani fighting Leona. And here it is.

Happy Holidays! Santa Rek’sai has tunneled her way into our hearts, minds, and homes.

We’re big Bard fans, so you’ll see him show up in ALL Chat stuff more often than not. We needed a champion who’d take his entourage to see the NA LCS Summer Finals at MSG, and Bard fit the bill.

Smug Fizz’s jerkface says it all. Don’t be Fizz, kids.

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