Should you take Baron?

By Riot Opti


Quick -- what’s worth more, 5th Dragon or an Inhibitor plus Baron? With every teamfight won comes a window of opportunity to take an objective, but that window shrinks with each passing moment. In this video, Pants are Dragon goes over a point-based system that assigns a value to every objective in the game. Using this system as a guideline, you’ll be able to quickly determine the best choice any time a window of opportunity opens for your team.

How do you decide which objective to take next? Let us know in the comments below!

About the Creator

Pants are Dragon, a Challenger Jungler in NA, has been playing League since Season 1 and making guides since Season 3. Over the past two years, he's published over 100 educational videos, ranging from quick champion guides and soloqueue top picks to overall metagame analysis. His number one tip for getting better at League is "to blame only yourself and learn from your mistakes. Try to improve at the game instead of trying to win."

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3 years ago

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