Summer lives on in the Pool Party cosplay gallery!

By Riot Yuka

Summer may be coming to a close, but these cosplayers are sending it off with a splash! We asked our creative cosplay community to send in photos showing off their Pool Party gatherings and the response was overwhelming- from Yordles to creatures of the Void, everyone on the Rift wanted to let their hair down. Check out our favourite 20 groups from the summer below!

PuShPoP and 20 friends from OCE

It's actually winter in Sydney, but that didn't stop 22 cosplayers coming together, renting a house and organizing this entire photoshoot in just two weeks! It would have taken us that long just to find our swimsuits.

Skylar Mae (Ahri), Chay B Rox (Caitlyn), Jarrah Brouwer (Darius), Monique Elyse (Diana), Moe Lexx Jr. (Graves), Amy Diep (Janna), Julia Berry (Jinx), Jennifer Lee Kroon (Karma), Linda-Estelle Catalano (Katarina), Singhee Shin (LeBlanc), Peter Zammit (Lee Sin ), Tiffany Taylor (Leona), Kristy Symonds (Miss Fortune), Samantha Bell (Riven), Malik Akl (Singed), Becca Fitzgerald (Sona), Savannha Luke (Soraka), Thomas Taufan (Twisted Fate), Bianca Donevski (Vi), Onegai Ryū (Yasuo), Kydrasaur (Ziggs), Jenna Cloud (Zyra)

Photographer: Magic Missile Studios

Khiu and 9 friends from LAN

This action shot was perfectly timed by these cosplayers in Costa Rica!

Seiriu (Lee Sin), Falcox21 (Zed), meowth69 (Ahri), Tenshii27 (Annie), cristychiken (Lux), Kirimi (Sona), GalaktiskeKatt (Fiora), Nana97 (Lulu), Khiu (Ashe), Edwardsut (Caitlyn)

Photographer: CosplayGraphy

Khymichi and 17 friends from EUNE

This beach party in Singapore looks like a lot of fun- we love how Rammus is trying to escape up a tree!

Barrynicecosplay (Malzahar), asdcvbtuym Sabbie (Ashe), Kiseki Cosplay (Azir), Iricelli (Lulu), Kenneth Lilaeroplane Ting (Lee Sin), Khymichi (Sivir), Vivimew Vivianne Cosplay (Ahri), Sharlene LilJaguar (Sona), Saku Miyuku (Katarina), Kai Cosplay (Shaco), Yurith (Annie), No Life Joseph Props and Cosplay (Rammus), Jesmond Chia (Ryze), Reira (Janna), Tinneh (Riven), Rundaria cos (Jinx), Sayuri Lilia (Miss Fortune), Yivon (Nidalee)

Photographer: Vaxzone

Delinae and 8 friends from NA

These cosplayers from Los Angeles really make me want to go swimming!

aZooRe (Ashe), Yume Ninja (Diana), KatrinaFox (Jinx), szmoon (Annie), GeekyGlamorous (Leona), MPlacko (Katarina), SuperAttacku (Ezreal), NanaMilkTea (Miss Fortune), iamchubbybunny (Nami)

Photographer: Greg De Stefano

Little Lame and 8 friends from EUNE

This group of Czech cosplayers wanted to tell a story of everyone having a pool party water fight and having fun.

Hemulka (Riven), Amelie (Annie), Ketrin (Sona), Wukii (Master Yi), Ginger (Katarina), Romíí (Vel'koz), Suzyy (Sivir), Aji (Miss Fortune), Hei (Ezreal)

Photographer: David Mitáš

Streetlight and 11 friends from BR

When having pool parties in Brazil, you’ve always got to watch out for floating Renektons in the pool...

Gatorro (Jayce), Shalott (Sona), Fuyu Hong (LeBlanc), Mirsthy (Shen), knowgutta (Female Vladimir), Nayigo (Nidalee), Mail Poe (Gangplank), Gutta Proença (Soraka), shiro Yamine (Katarina), JooJo Jung (Annie), Innory (Female Thresh), Drixine (Ezreal)

Photographer: Cláudio Escobar Photography

Ecliptika and 15 friends from NA

These Canadian cosplayers tried their own twist on the original Pool Party splash art – we love Ukulele Bard!

Milicand (Gragas), FoxyGrandpa44 (Jinx), Odd Wolph (Leona), Queen of Helheim (Ahri), Doublez21 (Riven), Ecliptika (Sona), 3vanan (Bard), RedSHARKY (Graves), lava lynx (Quinn), Sparkles Strorm (LeBlanc), Cant Milk Th0se (Braum), Yoochum (Red Minion), Vi (Kimsicle), Tender Cosplay (Miss Fortune), Robin Williamss (Ryze), Hipolymer77 (Morgana)

Photographer: Adoridith Photography

Yuna and 21 friends from LAN

The sun came out for these cosplayers in Mexico- somebody tell Gragas drinks aren’t allowed in the pool!

OphisKhaos (Varus), ???? (Sona), Greta Gallart (Zyra), ??? (Quinn), Daniela Cortés Folk (Miss Fortune), Nozomi Lycoris (Female Renekton), Alejandra Aoyag (Fiora), Kuro Tennyo (LeBlanc), Vrex (Katarina), Mikuri (Ahri), BKMarth (Twisted Fate), Darketo (Twisted Fate), Alain Anguiano (Draven), Serena Tsukino (Caitlyn), Zahlfrin (Taric), ???? (Jinx), Mariano Maca Rodriguez (Gragas), Yuna (Nidalee), Dagor Dagorath (Lee Sin), Adrian Spezzia (Graves), Wharmingwinter (Lux)

Photographer: lasfotosdecosplay

Harliquinjester and 19 friends from NA

We love this group of cosplayers from New Jersey – Shark-Rider Sejuani needs to be a thing. Rito plz.

Sage_elizabth (Lux), Maweezy Cosplay (DJ Sona), Okami Cosplay (Ziggs and Vi), Ischray (Malzahar), ZeldaLilly Photography (Morgana), Lady Kaylee (Vayne), Scorched Earth Cosplay (Sejuani), Lua Suicide (Riven), Negative Stacey (Fiora), Glitchy Kitty Cosplay (Diana), G. Ip (Azir), Meng Ai (Ahri), theendofsomethingbeautiful (Akali), Avacyn Ava (Nami), Sumdude41 (Yorick), 7thlotus (Gnar), LadyKoopaa (Syndra), xDeadscream (Ezreal), Ap3x (male Jinx)

Photographer: Dann F. Mcloud

PPC FireFoXz and 17 friends from NA

Pool Party costumes are a great way to get into cosplay – this shoot was the first time Montreal-based PPC FireFoXz (Rengar in the back row) and many others in this picture had ever made a costume on their own before!

Frank Geek (Xin Zhao), Faust Necro (Female Gangplank), leafeeon (Lulu), XTONS0Fdamage (Soraka), Ichimy (Janna), XDeemers (Vi), Usagihime (Syndra), PPC FireFoXz (Rengar), Suteifuani (Sivir), Yoochun (Malzahar), Nillian (Ahri), SparklesStorm (Sona), Salma Saadioui (Fiora), Chohyga (Ezreal), Hyomi (Ziggs), Kirliara (Morgana), Mai-Anne Nguyen (Nidalee), lava Lynx (Female Rengar)

Photographer: Cyberfox007

Powerful Messiah and 40 friends from EUW

This is the largest Pool Party group we’ve ever seen! 41 cosplayers came together in Barcelona and donned rainbow-coloured leis for this group!

MAking props (Yauso), Kspr (Tryndamere), Miss Fahrenheit Cosplay (Ashe), Majorettee Cosplay (Vi), Maurici Asín Gasque (Varus), Claudia Duran (Arcade Miss Fortune), Laura Misun (Irelia), Ursoth Cosplay (Udyr), Saphirz Cosplay (Syndra), Miki Espinosa (Lee Sin), Freya Cosplay (Lux), Valiant de Leoncoeur Cosplay (Yasuo), Lady Road (Riven), Simon Redberry Cosplay (Twisted Fate), Merychwan (Miss Fortune), Nekita Kemp (Sona), Avylon Cosplay (Male Jinx), Kevin Ragnarok (Graves), Raven H. Rose (Sona), Ray Char Klueze (Garen), Tània Sabaté (Lux), Hope cosplay (Swain), Loki Mota Morgado (Aqua Vi), Aquayame Cosplay (Katarina), Marial Cosplay (Caitlyn), Amane Cosplayer (Soraka), The Siricos (Pantheon), Elifissa cosplay (Nidalee), Ruka Atlas (Sivir), NamirART (Malzahar), Estefania Gomez Molla (Ashe), Family of 4 Cosplay (Tibbers, Kennen, Nidalee and Annie), Gisela Martínez Curtido (Mafia Jinx), Miticopan cosplay (Male Caitlyn), Macmiau Cosplay (Brand), Hummy cosplay (Star Guardian Lux), Avacyn Markov (Irelia)

Photographer: Evil Cam Works

Dolly Kei and 15 friends from BR

Dolly Kei and her friends in Brazil had loads of fun putting together this Pool Party group!

Ricardo Sanji (Draven), Lisabeth (Miss Fortune), Bruno Moulin (Male Caitlyn), Davi Rodrigues (Lucian), Rodolfo Santos (Male Jinx), Natsumi Louise Cosplay (Irelia), Giu Cosplay (Ziggs), Raísa "FrozenHeartAngel" Mayrink (Sona), Aline "Ninja" Rodriguez (Nidalee), Dolly Kei Cosplayer (Annie), Lana Kuroi (Katarina), PrettySammy (Lulu), Luiz Alberto (Ezreal), Fabrica Cosplay (Yasuo), ??? (Xin Zhao), Bianca Valle (Vi)

Photographer: Andre Calvet

Galaxyna and 5 friends from EUNE

Galaxyna (from Hungary) says that her version of Pool Party Sona sells three kinds of ice cream: Q: Blue grape, W: Lime and E: Blueberry, and her ultimate (R) is the Family Frost sign!

Galaxina style (Sona), Kuroki cosplay (Lulu), Hora Cosplay (Leona), CatleenCosplay (Vi), Szabó Bence (Lee Sin), Pukcilla cosplay (Syndra)

Photographer: Bán Lilla

HelixisFelis and 14 friends from EUW

A beach battle is about to break out here in France – I love Braum and Udyr comparing their biceps in the background!

Mika Murasaki Okami (Leblanc), Chibi Datenshi Cosplay (Katarina), Lordakira Cosplay (Vladimir), Draz - Cosplay et Créa (Udyr), Elfira Cosplay (Braum), Lea (Gnar), Mayushii Cosplay (Nidalee), Association "Milkarcasses" (Twisted Fate), Akumakira Cosplay (Annie), Alrune Cosplay (Akali), Chiisai Nezumi Cosplay (Jinx), Flore (Sejuani), Janna Chupss (Janna), Leona Cosplay (Leona), Mutsurini Collection (Ziggs)

Photographer: Sebastien M

Hayo15 and 15 friends from LAN

I heard in Costa Rica, it’s common for lifeguards to use Grand Skyfall to cannonball into the pool.

KittyEle Cosplay (Ahri), Tanya no Atelier (Ashe), Hayo Chan Cosplay (Lux), A-tripleplus Cosplay (Vi), A-tripleplus Cosplay (Teemo), Arturo Alfaro (Gangplank), Mauchaconb (Sona), Nacho Corrales (Ezreal), elmaurex (Yasuo), Nflheim (Male Vi), CyanideKandies (Ziggs), Victor Sanchez (Azir), Arley Cosplay & Props (Tryndamere), Gabriel Jimenez (Pantheon), Dyzzy (Vayne), Ru Chan (Katarina)

Photographer: Jorge Arroyo

sekhmet león and 4 friends from LAN

Leona made her costume with scraps of fabric she had left over from an old project, and helped dress her three children (Amumu, Ziggs and Tristana) up for the photo. Amumu’s costume was done with cotton gauze, and Tristana’s rocket launcher is a stuffed dolphin!

Itzel león (Leona), Abril León (Tristana), Kaled León (Amumu), Coraline Lancaster (Katarina), Máximo León (Ziggs)

Photographer: Carlos Sandoval Fotografía

DuMbDoNuTx3 and 25 friends from OCE

The most important part about Pool Parties is having FUN! These Australian cosplayers summoned their best derp faces to brave the winter cold in order to have their pool party on the beach! You can also watch their Pool Party video on YouTube.

Katwoman Cosplay (Diana), Yung Owl Cosplay (Teemo), Jon Pumfrey (Jax), VoDevil Cosplay (Miss Fortune), Katicuss (Zyra), Leilani Greber (Riven), Michelle Birchall (Gnar), B3nnii cosplay (Cho’Gath), Beke Cosplay (Janna), Kimberry (Ahri), Cursely Cosplays (Ashe) Cat Ann (Ahri), Milan Golic (Twisted Fate), Jake (Braum), Tyrone (Lee Sin), Hey Drunni (Teemo), Pezonator (Garen), Scott Fraser (Jayce), Nicko Turtle (Shen), Nichameleon (Jinx), Jutsu Cosplay (Fiora), Amy Sutton (Lux), Double Helix Cosplay (Katarina), Blondiee (Diana), Nguran Cosplay (Shen), Laneway Cosplay (Lux)

Photographer: Carlos Mayenco Photography

Metamorphosis Team Cosplay and 11 friends from EUW

Reunion Island has a population of less than 900,000 people (there’s a Dragonball joke in there somewhere) and this group still managed to pull together this awesome Pool Party group! Love the cheeky Ziggs face in the corner…

A'tom (Ekko), Liline Chan (Caitlyn), Elsa iSheldor (Ahri), Laëticia (Sona), Léo DV (Karma), Arcade Charlotte (Leona), Alice (Jinx), Tilooulouu (Lee), Kàrolyi (Katarina), Brünnhilde (Riven), Lilly (Miss Fortune), Mr Bee (Ziggs)

Photographer: Olivier & Nicolas Sébastien

Cris Frost and 19 friends from LAN

We kind of feel like this photo doesn’t have enough Draven... oh wait, there we go.

Crisis (Yasuo), Kucho (Tibbers), Zam (Caitlyn), Fran (Malzahar), Kumiko (Annie), Meltdany (Miss Fortune), Zarah (Sona), Susi (Lux), Nemiko (Nidalee), Angie (Caitlyn), Sou (Jinx), Michelle (Fiora), Yessi (Mafia Jinx), Aneris (Pop Star Ahri), Darky (Twisted Fate), Gajael (Ekko), Mora (Diana), Cris (Male Ahri), Luffy (Draven), Vero (Orianna)

Photographer: DRAAAVEN- wait, actually it was Cosplay Couture

Rak Janna and 22 friends from EUNE

These cosplayers from Israel did an obvious nod to the original Pool Party splash art- we especially love the buddy cops Caitlyn and Vi who are keeping an eye on Jinx!

JeniaChingu(Elise), Suco26(Gragas), Lizardwizerd(Malzahar), ThePoroQuinn(Zyra), SexyFrenchChick(Sona), Shahar972(Yasuo), Semyaz(Caytlin), Balestriery(Vi), Yam Komm (Annie), hiimkahlan(Diana), ForeverNoob2(Sejuani), KristinMadness(Katarina), Tulachi(Akali), Edo Neumann (Shen), ??? (Zed), Paradoll(Ahri), Syndra Senpai(Ziggs), Rak Janna(Sivir), Sukysuky5dolaz(Graves), KermitFTW(Lee Sin), RainbowBoom(Leona), Embicake(Janna), ThunderPika(Jinx)

Photographer: Cielo+ Cosplay Photography

It’s September now, meaning there’s only a month until the World Championships kick off in Europe, and we want to showcase the world's finest Worlds cosplayers once again! We’ll be running a Worlds and esports-themed roundup next time. Full submission details are coming soon, but for now you can read about it and our upcoming Winter round-up elsewhere on the League of Legends website!

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