Most Recent Community Spotlight News

A Brand New Anime Journey: Season 2019

Fans of “Just One More” and “Doublelift: Unstoppable”, it’s time to embark on a brand new journey! There’s a new anime adventure calling your name, and it’s the latest installment of the “It’s On” animations: “Season 2019: A New Journey”.
4 months ago

Twitch Rivals Top 4

Twitch Rivals continues with the top 4 teams battling for the biggest split of the $75k prize.
4 months ago

Fanart Fashion Showcase

Some League fanartists dressed their favorite champs to the nines!
5 months ago

Yougelly? You will be.

Get jelly with Sally “yougelly” Ye, a challenger mid lane monster and League Partner Program streamer.
5 months ago

Snowdown Fan Art Video

Come inside for a piping hot cup of kickass Snowdown fan art from the League of Legends community.
5 months ago

The Captain’s On Deck

CaptainMonk, diamond jungle main and educational streamer, helps you wreck the lane between lanes.
6 months ago

Blitzcrank Mixcrank | League of Legends Champ Remix

It's Blitzcrank, but remixed. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.
6 months ago

Stylin’ On Nerds

LL Stylish is a streamer, YouTuber, and Zed maniac.
6 months ago

Crystal Quest Series 2 Starts Now

Sejuani, Bard, and allies old and new are back to save the Freljord!
6 months ago

K/DA Community Fan Art Video

The League of Legends Creator Community delivered big time with K/DA fan art. Check out this small sample of incredible fan art of the hottest k-pop group right now.
7 months ago