Most Recent Community Spotlight News

Nicki and Mel go to PAX EAST

Nicki Taylor and Mel Swimbananas hit the PAX EAST floor!
9 months ago

PAX East Highlights

Another PAX East, another amazing time. Check out the best highlights!
9 months ago

Epic PAX East 2018 Cosplay!

We teamed up with ‘Legend of Micah’ to celebrate the amazing League cosplay community at PAX East!
9 months ago

Liquid joins Team Up for Charity!

NA LCS Spring Split Champions Team Liquid are teaming up to support International Medical Corps!
9 months ago


Your submitted creations and cosplay, this week on the Summoner Showcase!
9 months ago

Helmet Bro: Smoke Screen

Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.
10 months ago

New Comic – Olaf vs. Everything Series 1

Watch the Freljordian berserker hack and slash his way across the League Universe in our latest community comics collab, courtesy of Tom Barton!
10 months ago

Kai’Sa Creations!

Your Kai’Sa creations and cosplay, this week on the Summoner Showcase!
10 months ago

Summoner Showcase Goes to Anime LA

A brand new episode of Summoner Showcase!
10 months ago

Community Collab: A Remixed Dawn by TooCurly

Check out TooCurly’s epic remix using sounds from League of Legends cinematics.
11 months ago