Most Recent Community Spotlight News

Odyssey Fan Art Mix

Over 50 pieces of Odyssey fan art by the incredibly talented League of Legends community.
7 months ago

Creator Spotlight: Allie Jean

Check out our newest series on League Community Creators called the Creator Spotlight! Our next creator is Allie Jean, who was the mastermind behind the imaqtpie hand-painted mural.
7 months ago

Creator Spotlight: Hozure

Welcome to our first Creator Spotlight ft. Hozure, who brought Nunu & Willump to life in “It's Me and You.”
7 months ago

Announcing the League Partner Program

Whether you’re a pro or just getting started, now you can get rewarded and grow your channel with the official global partner program for League of Legends. Apply to the early access version for giveaways, first looks, special promotion, Riot dev access, and more.
7 months ago

Nunu and Willump - It's Me and You

Join Nunu and Willump on an epic adventure through the Freljord in an awesome community collab with illustrations by Hozure and music by TJ Brown.
7 months ago

Academy Adventures Series 3

Join the Academy kids for another year of scholastic silliness.
7 months ago

Pool Party Community Roundup

Sun's out guns out in this community creator-powered Pool Party extravaganza!
8 months ago

Helmet Bro: Kiss the Fish

Will Helmet Bro get that kiss? Check out a new Helmet Bro Collaboration with Zeurel!
10 months ago

Summoner Submissions!

Art, cosplay, and more from Summoners like you!
10 months ago

Community Collab: Punches and Plants 2

Officers Vi and Zyra are back on the case!
10 months ago