Most Recent Community Spotlight News

Ultra Rapid Fire: Top Plays

With Ultra Rapid Fire in full force, we’re seeing tons of damage from nexus to nexus! Take a break from spamming buttons, raise your spatulas, and check out some of our favorite plays from the past week.
5 years ago

Exploring Team Builder with Ciderhelm

Ciderhelm, the community content creator behind “Tactical Teamwork”, takes a look at Team Builder. Watch to learn more about the newest League of Legends queue!
5 years ago

Vel'Koz community creations roundup

Looks like Vel’Koz’s passion for knowledge has you laser-focused on spawning artwork for the Void’s latest monster! Join us as we consume some of the best Vel’Koz community creations we’ve wrapped our tentacles around.
5 years ago

Valentine's Day-themed community creations roundup!

In the spirit of Heartseeker Ashe, here’s a quiverful of community creations that shot their way straight to our hearts. Have a taste of some of the sweet stuff you guys baked up this Valentine’s!
5 years ago

Millions of players – one legendary community

With the continued growth of the League of Legends community, new players keep offering lots of new ideas for awesome content. As the game evolves, your passion for League makes a huge impact on the features that accompany each release. Here’s an in-depth look at the League of Legends community.
6 years ago