My Team: video contest

By Riot Romulus

When we heard Tim’s tale we knew there must be more great stories out in the community. So we made a place for you to share your stories in this new community video contest. The grand prize? The chance to make more memories with your crew at the Season 3 World Championship final on us.

To enter, send us a two-minute video that tells the story of your inner circle—the duo partner that helped you climb the ranked ladder, the IRL friend who started as a solo queue teammate, the old group of friends that’s always up to tackle a new challenge. Remember, we’re looking for a great story over anything else, so everything from a webcam confessional to a pro-quality video is more than okay. Just make sure to follow these rules:

  • No nudes. Just—no. Make sure your video is appropriate for all audiences.
  • Keep it original. No plagiarizing from movies, TV shows or archaeology textbooks.
  • Two minutes is the maximum length. Your fellow players will be voting on submissions and they’d like to get back to the Fields of Justice in a timely fashion!
  • Upload your submissions to YouTube and include your summoner name in the description.
  • We’ll contact you through the email address listed in your account, so make sure it’s one that you use!
  • If your video includes subtitles, narration or other verbalization, it must be in English.

You have from now until September 18 to submit your video. After that, there’ll be two rounds of community voting to determine our collective favorite story and nine runners-up.

One Grand Prize winner:

  • Season 3 World Championship tickets, airfare and accommodations for the winner and five friends
  • Limited edition statue

Nine runners-up:

  • Limited edition statue

Remember, head over to the contest's official website to enter. The Season 3 World Championship awaits!

5 years ago