My Team: vote up your favorite community stories

By Riot Romulus

We're stoked to share all of the great entries we've seen for the My Team video contest. We've rounded up all the videos and loaded them into a randomized YouTube launcher for your voting pleasure. Push play and vote up—or simply skip the video you're watching. You can vote as many times as you'd like, but make sure to get your votes in before September 23rd. Once we've tallied up your votes, we'll give you your ten finalists who will move on to a second round of voting that'll decide who wins the trip to the World Championship final!

If you're worried about the video that plays last not having a fair shot, don't be. There's some magic in the launcher that randomizes the videos to keep things fair and square. Hop over to the My Team website and vote up your favorite entries!

6 years ago

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