New Year's Masks Contest community winners!

By Aklaen

Snowdown kicked off the holiday season for League of Legends, and that means it's time for another contest! Make merry with your friends and family this upcoming New Year and celebrate a League of Legends-flavored masquerade at the same time. Show off your costuming creativity and create a mask inspired by the champions, monsters and items from the world of League of Legends. Whether you papier-mâché a terrifying Teemo or construct a truly Haunting Guise, we want to see it. Upload it here and good luck!

We'll pick 5 Grand prize winners and 5 Honorable mentions and the community will do the same for a total of 20 winners. All selections will be based on the quality of the submission and whether the entry is, in fact, a mask.


In the spirit of the season, we're giving away tons of prizes for this contest! Check out what you can take home:

  • 5 Grand prize winners selected by Riot: 40,000 RP
  • 5 Grand prize winners selected by the community: 40,000 RP
  • 5 Honorable mentions selected by Riot: 20,000 RP
  • 5 Honorable mentions selected by the community: 20,000 RP
  • 20 randomly selected participants will receive 10,000 RP

So grab your tools, get creative and share your work. The contest runs from December 23 until January 5. We'll announce the 10 Riot chosen winners when community voting begins on January 7. Voting ends on January 12. On January 13 we'll announce the community winners along with the 20 randomly selected entrants who scored the participation prizes.

We do have to interrupt the festivities to share some legalese around our NA contests, click here for the boring bits. Good luck everyone, and happy New Year!


Update (01/07):

Its been a tough two days but after spending them neck deep in amazing masks we've come up with the Riot chosen winners for the New Year's Mask Contest! The top grand prize winners listed below each win 40,000 RP and each runner up snags 20,000 RP. We were amazed by the amount of creativity and passion put into all of these creations and are excited to see the results of this week's 'community vote'.

Grand prize winners











Honorable mentions





A Harmless NPC


This Whomps





Update (01/13):

The polls are closed and the votes are in! Below you’ll find your chosen winners for the New Year’s Mask Contest!

Grand prize winners

Axdxexi – 4132 votes


FrenchCrepes – 2904 votes


Trydan – 2116 votes


Drummerguy59 – 1754 votes


pichoup – 1631 votes


Honorable mentions

Foxalisk – 1432 votes


Thegadgetfish – 1175 votes


DrEconomics – 1108 votes


RoitStabu – 1048 votes


JosephZA – 1021 votes


20 Randomly selected participants

  • agus50dc
  • XXSpyro22XX
  • adatachi
  • kiwibear
  • Kiss in LaLaLand
  • Holidaybunny
  • Fiamma
  • Evilform
  • archangelfighter
  • BajaVdub
  • SirGoldenHamster
  • Magier Katja
  • Forbisana
  • peachzephyr
  • BaconWithWings
  • xTamashix3
  • Gonick
  • GnarltusK
  • jackburton11
  • MasterWilshire

Due to the fact Bananagram’s mask (even though very good) was created prior to the contest as many of you have pointed out, Kitty2two will be the one receiving our fifth honorable mention. All the winners will receive an email on the address they have used to submit their work by this Wednesday with more info regarding their prizes. Thank you all for the great effort you’ve put into this contest! It was really nice to see your amazing masks.

Update: Judging and future contests

Due to some confusion with the final 100 entries available for voting we wanted to clarify how we narrowed down the group. After reviewing close to two thousand submissions, we judged the entries on overall quality and adherence to the provided guidelines. Based on those metrics we felt confident we’d provided the best subsection for your consideration and voting. It’s quite obvious that not everyone agrees with that opinion. We’ve heard your feedback and will be revisiting our voting system for future events in North America. Going forward, with the exception of screening out inappropriate submissions, we’ll be putting the voting process entirely into the hands of the community in the interest of ensuring the absolute best creations make their way to victory. We’ll have more info on the new system with the announcement of our next contest (pro tip: keep an eye out around Valentine’s Day) but rest assured it will include safeguards for social engineering, stolen work and all other sorts of voting shenanigans.


Update (01/14):

Due to some new information we'll be making a small change to the Grand Prize Winners list - Bacon Dispenser will be disqualified, Beeboz will now be receiving one of the 5 Riot chosen grand prize rewards and This Whomps will receive an Honorable Mention. The error was entirely a misstep during our judging process. Keep this in mind before aggressively accusing any player of deliberate dishonesty. That said, as discussed in the previous update above we're actively resolving issues in our voting systems to ensure these sorts of mishaps do not occur again in the future.

3 years ago