Riot Games API Challenge 2.0 Winners!

By Riot Tuxedo

Back in August, we announced our second online contest for community developers; the Riot Games API Challenge 2.0. This time we provided three prompts for developers based around Black Market Brawler games, Ability Power Item Changes, and in-game Item Sets. We’re very happy to present the winners of the Riot Games API Challenge 2.0:

Black Market Brawlers

First Place

Bilgewater Brawlers Bay by VladLord Snow (LAN) and Juandx1 (LAN)

There were a significant number of entries that focused around stats from Black Market Brawlers. Some concentrated heavily on stats, others on a beautiful presentation. We chose Brawlers Bay as the winner of this category because of a notable balance of both.


The Black Market by KearinDragon (NA) and Agihor (NA)

Regions of Black Market Brawlers by Lìght (EUNE)

Ability Power Item Changes

First Place

Ripples by KateOfSpades (NA) and Praetor Kai (NA)

We saw a lot of sites doing various analysis and comparisons between the patches before AP Item Changes and after. What caught our eye about this entry was how clear and easy it was to digest the information and even had the added bonus of a clever visualization of champion clusters based on builds.


AP is OP by aznchipmunk (NA) and helloso (NA)

Arsenal by ShadowLight2143 (NA) and chabons (NA)

Item Sets

First Place

LeagueSets by the gozaq (NA) and cheesh (NA)

LeagueSets takes a nifty approach to creating Item Sets through a browser extension that automatically generates an Item Set from several websites that offer guides for various champions. The value that it provides for players through the use of pre-existing resources is something we couldn’t ignore.

Runners-up by Null Pointer (NA)

ItemFeed by Angrytoad (EUW) and Jonny le rapiste (EUW)

For more information about the winning entries and a list of all the submissions, head over to the Developer Forums.

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