Riot Games API Challenge Winners!

By Riot Tuxedo

Back in March, we announced our first ever Riot Games API Challenge. We asked developers to submit a piece of software that utilizes game data from the Ultra Rapid Fire game mode. Though the participants only had access to a random sampling of URF games, they didn’t disappoint. Check out the winners of the Riot Games API Challenge:

First Place

URF Play Styles by microtony (NA)

Compare URF stats with Normal stats. See how champion’s primary role shifted whether it be supports becoming tanks or tanks becoming mages.

Runner Up

Summonurf’s Rift by RndmInternetMan (NA) and KirkBerkley (NA)

URF’s fast paced gameplay translates into a new game where you must survive a gauntlet of abilities. Share a specific match with friends using the link in the bottom right. Here’s some of our favorites: Udyr Pls  and Lux OP.

Runner Up

Who’s That Champion? by Rithms (NA)

Gather around, this game is quite fun in a group. Capitalizing on the unconventional style of URF mode, this game challenges you and your friends to guess which champion matches atypical item sets and skill orders.

Honorable Mentions

There are entries which catch our eye because of their unique execution in a particular aspect of the competition. Here are some of those entries:

Sjokz to the System by Ultra Deluxe (NA) and dajuicebaby (NA)
This submission included a paper about the volatility of the League of Legends meta-game and used the Riot Games API to back up its hypothesis.

Invalesco by Arinya (NA)
This submission, also a paper, dove into probabilistic analysis and simulation in order to form a predictive model for determining the outcome of a game before it begins.

For What It’s URF by orlyzomg (NA) and dbanksdesign (NA)
When building a project that other people can use, documentation is as important as code. This submission caught our eye because of its detailed documentation describing the dependencies, installation, and setup.

For more information about the winning entries and a list of all the submissions, head over to the Developer Forums.

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