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Featured streamer: Mylixia

With uninterrupted chat interaction, guided commentary, discussion and theory-crafting, Mylixia has built a stream dedicated to the passion players share for League of Legends.
5 years ago

Featured Streamer: Former MRN pro Heartbeat

Heartbeat is a pro that played AD carry, support and mid lane for Team MRN in the Spring Split of Season 3. Given his versatility, tournament experience and deep knowledge of the game, Heartbeat makes a great stream for players looking to step up their theory crafting and game knowledge.
6 years ago

Featured Streamer: Tiensinoakuma

This week we're pleased to bring you featured streamer TiensiNoAkuma. A veteran summoner since launch, he's particularly well known for his pro performance on Katarina in both top and mid lane.
6 years ago

Featured Streamer: Entenzwerg

Entenzwerg is a top-ranked AD carry on the EU West server. He's also our next featured streamer. Known for his positive attitude and willingness to learn from his mistakes, Entenzwerg is perfect to watch for aspiring AD carry players.
6 years ago

Featured Streamer: Voyboy

Feared around the world as the hyper-aggressive solo top player for Team Curse, Voyboy is our next featured streamer.
6 years ago