Featured Streamer: Former MRN pro Heartbeat

By StillRampant

Heartbeat's a pro that played AD carry, support and mid lane for Team MRN in the Spring Split of the Season 3 LCS. Given his versatility, tournament experience and deep knowledge of the game, Heartbeat makes a great stream for players looking to step up their game knowledge.

Heartbeat stays positive and breaks down the nitty gritty mechanics of the lane phase, like when to freeze a lane, when to push and how to secure first blood. When the game moves past the lane phase, Heartbeat channels his shotcalling days on Team MRN to show how players can power through the mid-game by fighting smart and taking control of objectives.

As far as particular champions to keep an eye out for, Heartbeat's Urgot play during the NA LCS Spring Qualifier is the stuff of legends. Heartbeat also helped popularize Tristana in the NA LCS, where she still sees regular play.

Since Team MRN split up, Heartbeat has joined forces with Dignitas as a sub and currently streams five days a week. You can catch him on weekdays from 11 AM to 6 PM PDT.

6 years ago

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