Featured streamer: Mylixia

By StillRampant

At its core, MCast is a show about community and self-improvement through gaming. With uninterrupted chat interaction, guided commentary, discussion and theory-crafting, Mylixia has built a stream dedicated to the passion players share for League of Legends. The stream adds guest speakers along with the usual slate of viewer games and ranked play. Focusing on the most positive aspects of the League community, MCast also features live replay analysis, coaching sessions, and personal development.

MCast focuses on the most positive aspects of the League community and encourages a friendly, helpful chat that strives to be a strong example for all players. The show is created from the ground up to focus on the viewers and demonstrate how positivity can strongly influence game outcomes.

Share the best of the League of Legends community with Mylixia and MCast from 7AM to 12PM PST, almost every day of the week, and let us know which other streams are worth taking a look at in the comments below.

4 years ago