GG: Over $2 million raised for charity

By Xaafira

League players answered the call this Worlds, raising over 2.35 million dollars for charity through purchases of Championship Ashe and the 2017 Championship ward. While we’re calculating the final dollar amounts (there’s legal and tax stuff), the numbers shown below are the minimum each organization will receive from your efforts. We’re blown away by how many of you voted and contributed -- here’s what happens next.

(In case you forgot: In September we announced we’d match the total player contribution to the 2017 Worlds prize pool in a donation to three charities: BasicNeeds, Learning Equality, and The Raspberry Pi Foundation.)

  1. The final donation pool is at least $2.35 million USD, equal to the player contribution to the 2017 Worlds Prize Pool
  2. 4,039,022 of you voted for one of the three charitable orgs. Your votes were multiplied based on your Honor level. The winning org will receive 50% of the donation, with the remainder split between the other two.
  3. BasicNeeds won the vote.

You’re not just a global player community, but a group of people who will impact lives through your contribution. The organizations each shared a personal message to thank you.

BasicNeeds - $1,175,000.00 USD (50% of the donation pool).

BasicNeeds want to say thank you to all gamers who have supported us through their purchases or votes in the recent Riot Games fundraiser. 80% of people facing mental health problems live in developing countries and fewer than one in five have access to treatment. Many endure prejudice and abuse and are unable to access education or employment. Your contribution enables us to reach out to many more people in places where better mental health services are desperately needed. It will also help us develop the tools to share our knowledge and experience with others who want to do the same. Thank you very much for your support.

Learning Equality - $587,500.00 USD (25% of the donation pool).

We at Learning Equality would like to wholeheartedly thank each and every one of you who participated in this event. We are humbled and honored to have received your votes. For the past four years we have worked hard on our mission of bridging digital and educational gaps around the world. Through your support, Learning Equality will now be able to distribute Kolibri, our second-generation ed-tech platform, to provide learning games and resources that build confidence and develop digital literacy for disadvantaged students living in some of the most disconnected communities across the globe. It's a new phase for Learning Equality and for all of those we will be able to reach because you chose to embark on this adventure with us. Please don't be a stranger, and continue to follow our journey on Twitter and Facebook, and through our website and newsletter. Thank you once again, Riot family! You're a true league of legends!

The Raspberry Pi Foundation - $587,500.00 USD (25% of the donation pool).

By the end of 2020 our goal is to see 5,000 active CoderDojos across the world. With the generous support of the League of Legends community, we will be able to work towards this ambitious goal regularly engaging over 200,000 young people in learning how to create with digital technologies. To achieve this, we will work with partners and regional groups to recruit, support, and train more of the brilliant champions and volunteers that run Dojos. We’ll work across the Raspberry Pi organization to make developing world-class multi-lingual learning resources for use by young people a top priority, while also expanding our Coolest Projects initiative which inspires them to be creative with technology. We will also make sure that Dojos engage young people from all backgrounds, including girls, and will support more youth mentoring.

Well done, summoners.

2 years ago

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