Most Recent Summoner Showcase News

Cosplay, Clay and Colors: Summoner Showcase #112

Get ready for an armoire-full of armor, creative colored sketches and a headhunting sculpture in this edition of the Summoner Showcase.
5 years ago

Chow time: Summoner Showcase #111

See what's cooking in the League of Legends community in this episode of the Summoner Showcase! With a cornucopia of edible treats, some sweet candy-inspired art and the wickedest tree you've ever seen, it's time to press play and start the show.
6 years ago

Nailed it: Summoner Showcase #110

League of Legends art is popping up here, there and everywhere! This Summoner Showcase is equal parts hand-made and hands-on, so click on for a bevy of manicured and manual labors of love!
6 years ago

Sculptacular : Summoner Showcase #109

Stacked with a bountiful bevy of brilliant fan creations, it's time to show off even more creative community talent. Featuring carefully composed statuary of all sorts including Amumu, Twitch, Elise and more, hit play to dive in to this sculptacular edition of the Summoner Showcase!
6 years ago

Ink Attack: Summoner Showcase #108

This showcase is packed with permanent ink and a bevy of balloons, to some of the best Draven cosplay you've seen yet. Oh, and art? Yeah, we got art. What are you waiting for? For some of the coolest community creations yet, hit play!
6 years ago

Poromania: Summoner Showcase #107

No one is safe from the whimsical charms of our frozen tormentors, the poros. Their distilled adorability has taken the community by storm and when that happens, the arts follow.
6 years ago

Tribal Allegiances: Summoner Showcase #106

Ask Zac, Cho'Gath domination and taking the fight for the Freljord to Twitter on this episode of the Summoner Showcase.
6 years ago

Volipuppy: Summoner Showcase #105

I'm warning you all right now – there's an absolutely adorable puppy on this edition of the Summoner Showcase, so if you die of cuteness overload, we're not responsible. Fair warning.
6 years ago

Summoner Showcase #104: MaTTcom spills all

Art? We got it. Hextech action figures? You betcha. An interview with community fave artist MaTTcom? Heck yeah. Click play and hit your eyes and ears with a blast from the kickass cannon on this edition of the Summoner Showcase.
6 years ago

Summoner Showcase #103: It's cake time!

This Showcase is bursting at the seams with all flavors of goodness. You’ve sent in your arts, your crafts, your music and your cakes, or at least your photos of cakes, which has left us a little hungry. Nevertheless, we’ll try not to get hung up on the inedibles and be buoyed by the very best of the community’s creations.
6 years ago