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Eyes on Oakland

Team Liquid defends their title against Cloud9 at the NA LCS Summer Finals in Oakland.
1 week ago

The Penta: Episode 25

Want the best plays from around the world? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, with this week’s latest episode of The Penta.
1 week ago

NA LCS Summer 2018 Moments and Memories

Relive the biggest moments of the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split!
1 week ago

Your NA LCS Champion is...

The NA LCS Summer Split came to a finish at the Oracle Arena in Oakland. See who won!
1 week ago

NA LCS Summer 2018 Finals Tease

Will Cloud9 end their championship drought or will Team Liquid defend their title?
1 week ago

Eyes on The Rivalry: TSM vs Cloud9

The rivalry between TSM and Cloud9 is the most storied in NA LCS history. In recent years, it’s also been the most one-sided, with TSM winning their last five playoff matchups against Cloud9 dating back to 2014. As they meet once again, this time with a Summer Finals appearance on the line, Cloud9 looks to turn the tables on the rivalry and continue their unprecedented Summer Split comeback.
1 week ago

Vault Boy’s Emergence: Goldenglue’s big break

Goldenglue has endured years of doubt - and now he may be in the middle of his big break.
2 weeks ago

10 thoughts going into Finals

The NA LCS anime will come to a thrilling conclusion this weekend as protagonist King Doublelift and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse play host to the challengers - Sneakyweeb, the Swole Bros, the Smol Bros, Kid Licorice, and the Z Fighter. Will TL’s steady focus around their star marksman prevail, or will Cloud9’s deep roster outmaneuver and leave the Liquid herd in the dust?
2 weeks ago

NA LCS Summer Finals Wallpapers

Get ready for Summer Finals and support your favorite team with custom wallpapers!
2 weeks ago

NA LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals Tease

The NA LCS Summer Playoffs continue this weekend with C9 meeting TSM again, starting Saturday, September 1 at 2 PM PT.
3 weeks ago