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Why We Watch ASE 2019

There’s more to League of Legends than winners and losers.
46 min ago

This or That | Junglers These Days

This or That is back with Kobe and Cap for the final episode of 2019. They’ll be back in 2020 but until then enjoy them flaming Dardoch.
59 min ago

The Dive | Roster Madness & 2019 Awards

This week on The Dive the gang are going deep on roster moves and handing out some awards for the last episode of 2019.
1 day ago

Start It Up - All-Star 2019

Listen to the official All-Star 2019 theme here.
6 days ago

Eyes on Worlds: Fly, FunPlus Phoenix, Fly

It’s a regional rematch on the world’s biggest stage as Europe’s G2 Esports takes on China’s FunPlus Phoenix at the 2019 World Championship Finals in Paris. For FPX, victory in Paris would cap the team’s meteoric rise and cement the LPL as the best region in the world.
2 weeks ago

Vote for your 2019 All-Star players

It’s time to pick your players for the 2019 All-Star event. Get your votes in before November 20.
3 weeks ago

The Penta | FPX Top 5 Plays from 2019 World Finals

This week on The Penta we've got the best plays from each pro on FPX from the 2019 Worlds Finals.
3 weeks ago

What We Know Now: Finals

Worlds Finals represents a yearlong struggle -- every team has been eliminated but two. FPX takes on G2 to punctuate the decade.
4 weeks ago

Teamfight Breakdown with Jatt | 2019 Worlds Semifinals

This World championship has been won and lost on split second, risky decision making. A great example of this was the series-winning teamfight that G2 Esports forced onto SKT while Perkz was still dead.
4 weeks ago

10 thoughts going into Finals

The #1 seed from Europe clashes with the #1 seed from China. G2 takes on FPX to close Worlds 2019!
4 weeks ago