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The Dive: NA LCS Spring Power Rankings

Kobe, Jatt, and Azael break down all ten teams in the NA LCS and give us their power rankings for the Spring Split.
23 hours ago

This or That: NA LCS Season Preview

Kobe and Jatt rapid fire the biggest questions going into the start of the NA LCS Spring Split.
1 day ago

Eyes on NA LCS: The Offseason

After an exciting offseason of roster shuffles, the pros get ready for the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split.
1 day ago

2018 NA LCS Spring Split Primer

Everything you need to know about the return of the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split.
2 days ago

NA LCS Spring Split: Rise Up

As tensions rise after a dramatic offseason, old teammates and new rivals face off in the return of the NA LCS this weekend, January 20, at 2 PM PT.
2 days ago

2018 Spring Split Icons

With Spring Split around the corner, it’s time to show your support for your favorite team by equipping their icon! Whether you’re a new fan, bandwagoner (we won’t judge), or longstanding veteran, you can pick up a team icon for 250 RP.
4 days ago

How to watch LPL, LCK, EU LCS, and NA LCS

Get ready to watch a new year of esports.
4 days ago

Fantasy LCS is live

Start your journey towards esports glory with Fantasy LCS. Make your picks now.
5 days ago

10 Players to Watch in the NA LCS Spring Split

New year, new me. The NA LCS underwent its biggest change yet as the 10 teams selected for franchising were announced. A massive roster shuffle followed. An offseason of speculation has fans making all sorts of claims, and it’s finally almost time to see who among us are oracles. And who among us are… whatever the opposite of oracle is. Pooracle? Porocle? These are the 10 players I think you should keep an eye on throughout the Spring Split.
1 week ago

NA LCS Spring Split Team Schedule Wallpapers

Support your favorite team with wallpapers for the 2018 Spring Split. The NA LCS returns January 20 at 2 PM PT.
1 week ago