2014 All-Star Challenge Game Mode Voting is now Live

By Riot Shantzilla

The votes are in! You selected who you wanted to see competing in this year's All-Star Challenge, but that was only the beginning. Now that the player votes have been tallied and the rosters are being formed, it's time to kick your influence up a notch!

A while back, we told you that at this year's All-Star event we'd be showcasing the brand new All-Star Challenge. The new format will put you in control of some exciting and unique aspects of each day’s game modes. Well, the wait is over.

The first game mode is Hexakill! One match, two teams, and one giant six-player wrench thrown into the middle of it. How does your vote influence the game?

Starting April 13 through April 19, you'll be able to cast your vote for the sixth member of each Hexakill team.  The five players eligible for your votes are:

Remember, you can only vote once each week during the Game Mode votes, so make it count! You only have until 12:00AM PDT, April 19 to cast your vote for the Hexakill game mode, so don't waste any time. Head on over to vote.lolesports.com right now to tell us who you want to see slugging it out in the All-Star Hexakill!

5 years ago

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