Celebrate MSI 2019

By Aether

MSI 2019 kicks off on May 1st. If you're new to MSI, head to the tournament overview for details on the competition. Otherwise, we're here to talk about a bunch of ways you can celebrate the event and the teams competing for the trophy!

Conqueror Alistar

This year's MSI skin is Conqueror Alistar, available for 975 RP between 05/02/2019 @13:00 PDT and 06/11/2019 @11:00 PDT. He'll also be available in bundle form during the same window with a fancy loading screen border and the MSI 2019 ward for 1845 RP (2137 if you need Alistar).

25% of revenue from Conqueror Alistar and his bundle will go toward the teams competing at MSI.

Team Icons

Icons for the MSI competitor teams will be available between 05/02/2019 @ 13:00 PDT and 06/11/2019 @ 11:00 PDT! 50% of revenue from these icons will go to their respective teams.

These are the new team icons we introduced at the beginning of spring split. As a reminder, we removed the year from these icons so you don't have to purchase a new one season. Except for relegations, promotions, and team logo changes, these same icons will return to the store each split and event a team participates in!

Map Accents

We're decking the Rift out with MSI flair. Be on the lookout for the return of base banners and Conqueror Baron!

We've also added a new trophy pedestal to top lane. Once this year's MSI winner is crowned, their team's trophy will show up on the pedestal for the month after MSI ends.

This year's offerings come with a couple changes to how we're celebrating fandom. Let us know what you think and share your ideas for other stuff you'd love to see in the future!

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