Rift Rivals Hits the Rift

By Lolesports Staff

Regions across the world will take on their fiercest rivals for bragging rights, pride and eternal (until next year) glory during the first ever Rift Rivals. Show your support for these regional grudge matches by purchasing a Rift Rivals icon for 1 IP in the store. If your home region comes out on top, you’ll also be awarded an exclusive, gilded event icon.

The five regional Rift Rivals icons will be available in the store from June 29 at 7:00 AM PT (July 3 in China) until July 11 at 7:00 AM PT.

Every player in a winning region who equips any Rift Rivals icon and plays a game by the end of the tournament will also receive an exclusive, gilded winners’ icon to commemorate the victory. This icon will be delivered directly to each player’s account within two weeks of the end of the tournament.

Grab yourself a Rift Rivals icon and cheer on your favorite teams as we settle the score between fierce rivals around the world! Click here for more info on when, where, and how to watch.

1 year ago