Vote on which charity wins 50% of the charity fund

By Xaafira

This year, fighting with Honor impacts lives around the world. We're matching 25% of Championship Ashe and 2017 Championship Ward sales to form a charity fund. Vote now for your favorite charity by visiting the “Vote for Charity” tab in client. The highest-voted charity receives 50% of the pool, with the other two splitting the remainder. Each player gets one vote, and votes are multiplied based on a player’s Honor level:

Level 3 and below = 1x Level 4 = 1.5x Level 5 = 2x

How each global charity will use the contribution

BasicNeeds helps people with mental, neurological, and substance use disorders. They’ll build sustainable programs in three additional countries with the goal of aiding thousands more with mental health care over the next three years.

Learning Equality brings high-quality education to communities without internet access. They’ll develop and launch their offline learning platform Kolibri to provide rich digital experiences for underserved students in over 175 countries.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation hosts CoderDojos, which are global networks of free, volunteer-led, community-based programming clubs for young people aged 7-17. They’ll lead 5,000 more CoderDojos in communities across South America, India, China, and East Africa.

Voting ends on November 5, 2017 at 11:59 PM PT

Every vote counts towards a cause, and every purchase of Championship Ashe and the 2017 Championship Ward adds to the donation pool. Both are available in the League store until November 5, 2017 at 11:59 PM PT. We’ll announce the total funds raised and the highest-voted charity when voting and sales end. Thanks for supporting these causes, and vote with Honor.

2 years ago

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