Worlds Pick’Em Is Coming September 10

By John ’DeadKnau5’ Knauss

Welcome Back!

Worlds 2016 Pick’em is coming September 10! Prove your knowledge, compete with friends and fellow esports enthusiasts, match up against celebrities -- and with a bit of skill, and a bit of luck, you could walk off with some cool prizes!

New Prizes

This year features brand new rewards for those of you on the quest for the perfect bracket!

New Pick’em Poro Icons

Build a bracket, and you'll automatically get the new participation icon. If you cobble together at least 34 points, you'll also earn a new special Poro icon.

New Ultimate Perfect Pick Reward

Should the Runeterra gods smile in your favor and you manage to select every winner from Group Stage to the Finals correctly, you'll walk away with the Ultimate Pick’em prize: three Ultimate skins including DJ Sona, Spirit Guard Udyr, Pulsefire Ezreal.

The Group Stage brackets open September 10 and close on September 29, so get ready to make your picks!

2 years ago

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