All-Star U.R.F. Results – Pick 10 Revealed!

By Riot Shantzilla

The LoL esports community responded with resounding approval and enthusiasm when Cloud 9 and Team SoloMid debuted Ultra Rapid-Fire mode on April 1. And judging by your votes, you can't wait to see that fast and loose U.R.F. mode gameplay in action again at this year's All-Star Challenge event. But to make it a little more interesting this time, we let you vote for what champion you wanted to see hitting the Rift for BOTH teams. Well the results are in, and we're excited to announce that the winning pick is the Prodigal Explorer, Ezreal.

The All-Star U.R.F. mode challenge is guaranteed to be a supersonic slugfest. But we have even more in store for the 2014 All-Star event. As if Hexakill and U.R.F. weren't enough already, it's time to reveal this week's surprise game mode.

With this mode, we're putting you in the driver seat. We call it, Pick 10. In the All-Star Pick 10 challenge, you don't just get to vote for a single champion, you get to pick the entire team! How does it work?

It's simple – starting right now you can head over to to cast your votes. Once you're there, you'll be able to select ten champions, one for each role for both teams. There won't be any bans in this game mode, so anyone goes. Have you ever been curious how Cho'Gath vs. Mordekaiser would pan out in the top lane at the pro level? What about Galio in the mid-lane or Rammus in the jungle?

This is your opportunity to field your dream squad. So get to it – you only have until 12:00AM PDT on May 3 to get your votes in. And as always, don't forget to check back to to see the results!

5 years ago

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