Meet the pros behind All-Star Challenge Team Fire

By Riot Shantzilla

Team Fire's members have set international standards throughout their careers from WeiXiao upping the AD carry ante to Diamond popularizing aggressive counter-jungling.  All members of Fire's roster carry staggering achievements from upsets to international titles.  If Team Frost plans to carry the event, they won't douse the flame so easily.


Percentage of Regional Votes: 12.8%

Leading the squad on European turf, Diamond has a reputation for introducing new champions and styles to the jungle.  He took IEM Kiev by storm, counter-jungling on Shyvana, and his bread and butter champion, Xin Zhao has come back into vogue.  Not only that, but Diamond has a reputation for looking at champions played typically in other roles, like Karma, and playing them in the jungle, making him quite versatile.  Though Gambit narrowly avoided playing the Promotion this split, Diamond's presence has often been considered a point of consistency, and it's welcome on any All-Star lineup.

TOP - Saigon Jokers - QTV

Percentage of Regional Votes: 19.2%

On a roster of team captains, either of Team Fire itself or teams they normally play for, QTV might serve as an intermediary, barring language barriers.  On the road to the Season 2 World Championship title, SJ provided not one but two upsets—first by denying Singapore Sentinels, then by taking out Dignitas in the group stage.  More recently, he has been partially responsible for the insurgence of Vietnamese bruiser Gragas in GPL and has garnered a reputation for besting even the top Southeast Asian top laners in 1v1 situations.  Though QTV might be lesser known to the West than his compatriots, he's definitely an asset to the roster, and his unpredictable playstyle will throw off the competition.

TOP - CJ Entus Frost - SHY

Percentage of Regional Votes: 13.5%

All "frost on fire" jokes aside, Shy is one of the only remaining members of the original Maximum Impact Gaming Frost.  His fellow starter, Madlife, faces him on Team Ice, but there's no doubt Shy won't hesitate to make Madlife a casualty of the Rift.  Shy took many Season 2 World Championship participants off-guard with his decisions to roam—especially western players that had grown accustomed to top lane being an island.  He has gained accolades as a player of Singed, Jax, Riven, and Jayce, and when CJ Entus Frost manages impossible wins during their slumps, many attribute these victories to Shy's exceptional carry play.  That doesn't mean he'll hesitate to play tanks, and one can expect to see him unhindered by any requirements put forth by All-Stars challenges. 

MID - Team SoloMid - BJERGSEN

Percentage of Regional Votes: 16.9%

Bjergsen boasts the shortest international resume, having only played in Battle of the Atlantic, but he's also the youngest member of the squad and a prodigy with undeniable talent.  He has created upsets after joining both LCS teams that have had him as a member.  His addition to the Copenhagen Wolves lineup saw an end to their nine game losing streak, and his arrival on TSM catapulted to the team to first place for the first time since Cloud 9 appeared in the NA LCS.  He was also partly responsible for shedding some light on Syndra's untapped power shortly after her release and starting the Leblanc freight train that took the champion on a ten game win streak in the NA LCS.  Bjergsen's first big international event will certainly draw attention, and his affinity for mage play will give him an advantage in U.R.F. mode.


Percentage of Regional Votes: 13.6%

It's been a while since World Elite dominated the international stage, but few have forgotten WeiXiao's name.  He may as well have revolutionized the way the AD carry role is played with his sheer dominance.  Since WE's hayday, Misaya has retired, and WeiXiao now leads the team, dragging them up from fifth place earlier in the split to end the spring season in third.  With a new support player at his side, WeiXiao has boasted the least deaths in LPL.  Team Fire will benefit from WeiXiao's presence given the chosen U.R.F. mode champion, as few can deny his status as one of the best Ezreal players in the history of the game.

HEXAKILL/MID - Taipei Assassins - TOYZ

Rumors of Toyz's return on Hong Kong Attitude turned out to be mere fantasies this year, so when he was chosen as a candidate for All-Stars Hexakill, he seemed like a shoe-in.  The Season 2 World Champion is famous for turning Orianna into an assassin and only truly rising to prominence when the rest of the Taipei Assassins allowed him to play mid lane "his way."  The last time Toyz appeared at All-Stars, he won the mid lane 1v1 challenge, and despite a significant amount of time off, we dare to expect great things in the Hexakill event, where his skills as a duelist will stop errant back-doorers with ease.

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