Road to the World Championship: Regional Playoffs

By Magus

Season 3 has been the most globally competitive and intensely followed season of professional League of Legends yet. But the biggest question still remains: who’s the best in the world? Regional Qualifiers for the World Championship in Los Angeles are kicking off and it’s time for the teams to earn their ticket to Los Angeles. Over 25 teams from eleven regions will square off across seven events for a chance at the Summoner’s Cup. Visit and check out the new Regional Playoffs hub where you’ll find full coverage of the road to the World Championship, including streams as the events go live. Here’s a quick overview of the upcoming Regional Qualifier events:

  • Southeast Asia (August 17 - 18)
  • International Wildcard (August 21 - 23)
  • European Regional (August 23 - 25)
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (August 29)
  • North American (August 30 - September 1)
  • Korea Regional (September 4 - 7)
  • China Regional (September 7 - 8)


Check out the Regional Playoffs info hub at

6 years ago

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