Roku owners: try our beta S3 World Championship channel

By Magus

Catch all of the Season 3 World Championship action in HD wherever you watch your Roku box with our new LCS Season 3 Beta channel!

The World Championship is nearly upon us so we're excited to announce that for a limited time during the playoffs and finals, players who use the Roku streaming platform will be able to test out our new League of Legends Season 3 World Championship Beta channel. Birthed over the course of our 30-hour Thunderdome hackathon when several Rioters wanted LCS on their TVs, the World Championship channel features all of the esports action from the tournament.  We're also testing VODs for the NA and EU Spring and Summer Splits, premier event coverage like the All-Star Event in Shanghai and the Season 2 World Finals.

If you already have a Roku, you can tune in to every team fight, near-Baron skirmish and pentakill along with your friends from wherever you watch your favorite movies and shows beginning this Sunday when the Group Stage kicks off! To get started, sign in to your account on, add a private channel using the code LCS, follow the on-screen directions to update your Roku and bring instant esports to your channel lineup throughout the World Championship!

Of course, even without a Roku you can tune in to all of the top plays, inspiring victories and the triumphant rise of one team worthy to carry the Summoner's Cup on

Also, some of that lovable legal jargon to keep the lawyers happy: all intellectual property and related ownership rights to the Content provided in the LCS Season 3 Beta Roku Channel (“Channel”) are retained by Riot Games, Inc. (‘Riot Games”).  

5 years ago

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