Voting for the All-Star Challenge

By RedBeard

Spring is here! And in the pro League of Legends scene, that can only mean one thing – the All-Star event is fast-approaching.

As we announced a couple weeks ago, this year's All-Star event in Paris, France is going to feature a new format that will be showcased at the start of each day called the All-Star Challenge. During the All-Star Challenge two mixed-region teams will go head-to-head in wild, fan-favorite game modes.

For the new Challenge event, players will not only elect two pros from their region to represent them in the competition, they'll also cast their votes to influence special elements of the game modes.

Curious how you can participate? Details on the format and how you can cast your votes can be found below.

How does it work?

Starting on March 30 and ending on April 12, you'll be able to visit where you’ll find a roster of eligible players for the All-Star Challenge. Every day, you'll be able to vote for any three pro-players from any combination of teams to represent your region. After the voting has closed and all the votes have been tallied, we'll announce the results and reveal which two pros will be representing their region.

Once the player results are tallied and teams are announced, we'll be showcasing the first of the four Challenge game modes. Once per week you'll have the opportunity to place your vote to influence a unique aspect of each game mode leading up to the final day of the All-Star event. Voting for the game modes will begin after player voting closes so mark your calendars and check back to for more updates. Don't miss your opportunity to help shape the All-Star Challenge!

3 years ago