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By Riot Preeti

We know that finding the right tournament experience can be pretty tough. To make organized competitions more accessible, we directly support and promote community-run tournaments through our North American prized events program.

So, why do we do this? We want every player who’s interested in prized events to have a chance to compete. We’re also big fans of tournaments because they give players a chance to test their skills, meet other passionate players, show some team pride, and win awesome prizes.

Here’s how the North American prized events program works: third-party organizers register their tournaments with us, we list approved tourneys on our site for players to sign up, and then we sweeten the prize pool with RP and skins.

You don’t have to be Diamond to compete! There’s a tournament out there for you, regardless of your ranking, location (most events are online), level of commitment, and whether you’re LFG or you’ve already formed the perfect stomp comp.

To get you started, we’ve profiled three organizations that deserve a special shoutout for the great feedback we’ve gotten about their competitions. Once you’re ready to compete, head over to our prized events page to browse available tournaments and sign up for your next challenge!

If hosting a tournament is more your thing, check out our organizer FAQ.

Victorious Gaming (VG)

As one of our top organizers, VG hosts daily online tournaments catered to all skill levels. Players enter the competition solo and are grouped by skill level and then formed into teams. VG’s 5v5 tourneys include prizes (RP, skins, and gaming gear), but they also host non-prized competitions for 3v3s and ARAM. To sign up for a VG tournament, click here.

Collegiate StarLeague (CSL)

CSL’s tournaments are exclusively for college students, so their season runs throughout the academic year. Players must form their own premade teams with other students at their school and CSL splits teams into two divisions: competitive and casual.

At the competitive level, most players are Diamond. Matches are held online, but finals are onsite at Major League Gaming in Anaheim, CA. The top teams compete for cash prizes, with the winning team raking in $1,500. To learn more about CSL, click here

High School StarLeague (HSL)

HSL is open exclusively to high school students who must form premade teams with their classmates. With over 380 participating high school teams, the tournament spans almost the entire school year. Matches are held online, but the final four teams win an all-expenses paid trip to compete onsite at the HSL Grand Finals.

This weekend, HSL’s hosting its 2014 Grand Finals, where the final four teams will battle for a piece of the $15,000 prize pool! You can catch the action via live stream or attend the event for free at the Grand Del Mar hotel in San Diego, CA. For more info, head over here.

Photo by: Noah Hwang for High School StarLeague

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