The 2016 ranked season is now live!

By Riot Socrates

UPDATE: Dynamic Ranked is back in action!

The 2016 ranked season is now live! Gather your allies and gear up for all new challenges as you climb the ladder in 2016. We’ve introduced a swath of changes over the course of preseason, as well as new dynamic groups -- now you can queue for ranked play with any number of friends. With new champ select, you’ll queue up for your two best positions -- you’re guaranteed to always end up with one of the two positions you select -- and join a team of players who’ve done the same.

As usual, you'll have ten placement games to fight through before settling in to your tier and division, ready for the climb. Your placement is still heavily influenced by where you ended up last season and what you accomplished during preseason. If you’ve never played ranked, then your placements will be all that matters!

Preseason brought some substantial changes to the game (learn more about preseason here), so we’re again running a soft reset before placements kick off. As with previous years because of the soft reset, you’ll likely place lower than where you ended last year.

To learn more about the 2016 Season, visit the season homepage here or check out the patch notes over yonder. It’s a new season of GGs, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

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