Challenger rewards update

By Riot Riscx

Last year at the end of the season we announced brand new physical rewards for Challenger players and teams in the 2016 ranked season - in that time we’ve been hard at work designing and crafting the thousands of jackets and medallions that Challengers earned in that time.

After a couple of delays, we’re now shipping jackets in most regions! Challenger Elite medallions will soon follow, so don’t panic if you qualified for a medallion and didn’t receive it in your first shipment. We’re working to ship all items in the coming weeks.

We’ve had a lot of time to think about rewards while waiting for the jackets to ship out. When we reached out to some of the highest-level players regarding end-of-season rewards, a young up-and-coming North American player called Meteos had an idea: Riot should add something in-game like unique Recall effects for Challengers.

Well, alright.

The Challenger Recall appears anytime the normal blue Recall would play, but does not override Baron-buffed Recalls, nor the blue effect on the minimap, to preserve gameplay readability. This will be going live in a future patch, but we wanted to give you a quick preview:

You can get this effect by being Challenger Tier in the current season (this will update daily).

We hope Challengers and Challenjours alike enjoy this feature - and we’ll have an update on the physical rewards program later this year. In the meantime, let us know what you think!

2 years ago

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