Ranked 5s queue returns during scheduled windows

By Riot Socrates

We’re bringing back the Ranked Team 5s during scheduled windows throughout the week where you can compete in premade 5v5 games with no tier restrictions. Read on for the details.

We disabled ranked teams at the start of the season because we were unsure how match quality and queue times would be affected by the addition of dynamic queue. Now that we have a better understanding of how players are using dynamic queue, we believe we can enable ranked teams in limited windows. This gives players who are limited to solo, duo, and trio queues, in high MMR a way to play ranked as a five-player squad.

We’ve also heard feedback that people miss the way they could queue with any of their friends (regardless of rank) as part of the old Ranked 5s queue. This will allow these players to play together in a ranked environment again. There’s a schedule below for your region, but first, let’s briefly cover how Ranked 5s works:

  • You must be level 30 to create a ranked team
  • You have to own at least 16 champions to play in any ranked queue
  • A Ranked 5s team can have up to nine players, with no restrictions on which tiers can join
  • Teams must play five games to become officially ranked and placed in the appropriate tier and division
  • You can suit up for five different teams at any given time
  • You can leave a team at any time, unless you’re the team captain--if you’re captain, you’ll have to remove all players from the team before you can duck out (which disbands the team entirely)

Each region’s windows will be slightly different, as we try to ensure low queue times and the highest possible match quality.

Ranked 5s Schedule Times for NA
Day Monday - Friday Saturday - Sunday
Time 4:00PM - 10:00PM PDT 2:00PM - 10:00PM PDT

We’ll be monitoring the health of the queue during these windows, and we’re prepared to make adjustments if we need to. So gather your allies (whatever their rank), and claim your spot in the climb to Challenger. GLHF, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

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