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By Riot Socrates

We recently announced changes coming to ranked play including new premade restrictions at high tiers, autofill protection during promo series, and no back-to-back autofills. Here’s where we stand:

Premade Restrictions

Now active. Diamond 5 through Master tier no longer includes trios, leaving Solo or Duo options. Challenger players are additionally restricted to solo play.

Regardless of the fixes we’ve rolled out since the beginning of the 2016 ranked season, dynamic queue is still failing to meet player needs. More specifically, it’s undermined competitive integrity at the highest levels of play. We’re making a number of changes to ranked, starting with these two.
STREAM ON Players from Diamond 5 through Master tier can choose to queue solo or duo with a teammate
LEAVE THE SWORD IN THE CAVE To ensure accuracy at the top of the ladder, Challenger players are restricted to solo play

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Players in their promo series will be guaranteed one of the two roles they select later in this patch. Autofill has been introduced to normal draft queues.

We recognize that autofilling in promos undermines your ability to contribute your best when it matters most, so we’re preventing that from happening. But, autofill’s proven effective at reducing queue times, so we’ve added it to normal draft to help players still seeing excessive spikes during off-peak hours.
AUTO-THRILLED When in promo series (between tier or division), players will be guaranteed one of their two selected roles
PROTECTION Players can no longer be autofilled in back-to-back games
FILL ENABLED Autofill has been enabled in normal draft for when queue times get excessive

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The other upcoming adjustment mentioned in Riot Pls - tightening the decay rules in Challenger and Master tier - isn’t part of our 6.17 changes. We’ll be implementing these new rules in an upcoming patch. (...with better-timed Patch Notes. Whoops.)

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