Fewer fancy hats but even more rapid fire

By Pabro

How about that new old Ultra Rapid Fire? As tantalizing as the prospect of elevating League of Legends to the pinnacle of high-society competition might be, there isn’t a world in which we could have passed up a chance to bring back a favorite game mode.

April Fools’ Day is a celebration of League’s amazing community, whether we’re poking fun at the 3D fad from a few years back, or releasing a trollish browser game that hit all of our nostalgia buttons like punching in a cheat code.

So the highfalutin gig is up. URF has returned to celebrate the community alongside skins, icons, and bundles. Plus, you can commemorate the event with merch in real life! Check out the Urf figure and Ultra Rapid Fire hoodie on the merch site for more.

We’ve added a few new bells and whistles (in some cases, literal bells and/or whistles) to the classic Ultra Rapid Fire mode, and everyone can earn the Thinking Manatee Icon by finishing one game of URF mode before the end of the event.

Check out the patch notes for more on the mode, the manatees, and the merch, then enjoy Ultra Rapid Fire until April 13 at 2 AM PDT. If you missed any of the joke as it played out, catch the reveal of New Ultra Rapid Fire here, the subsequent server surge here, and the local broadcast of the URFitational over yonder.

4 years ago

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