First week of Clash regional tests wrap up

By Draggles

In order to gain confidence in the technical changes made to Clash over the last few weeks we held one day tests in Oceania, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and we wanted to share how they’ve gone so far!

How did they go?

In short, the overall experience was smooth, and thousands of teams participated in the tests. At this point we feel confident moving forward with tests in more regions. Keep an eye on your client for signups!

What did we learn?

As a reminder, we’re testing three major changes to Clash: a staggered scouting phase, to spread out the amount of games starting simultaneously; a more streamlined backend flow, to break out some of the systems that relied on each other to start Clash games; and a disaster recovery tool, for when we may need to easily extend or roll back each game phase. We’re now done with our time on PBE, and are gradually scaling up our testing in each region in turn.

Key issues during regional tests:

Champion mastery load: We saw champ mastery causing unusual load during the scouting phase. We’ve optimized this now, and the champ mastery service should be much more responsive.

Parties service errors: As part of our streamlining efforts, we use the parties service (like when you get into a lobby or voice chat) to keep teams together. Last week, we saw some players incorrectly restricted from entering their Clash matches. Because Clash’s team creation handles many of these eligibility checks as well, we were able to adjust the parties logic for Clash specifically.

SMS verification: The first major trial of our disaster recovery tool! We used it to extend the lock-in phase while we fixed an issue with SMS verification in some regions.

What’s next?

We’ll continue to bring one-day tests to more regions around the world. Some regions may even see tests that go for longer than a day to ensure we’re truly as ready as we can be.

Stay up to date on Clash

As we move into bigger tests and ultimately towards launch, you’ll see continue to see updates from us. Keep up with Clash here, and we look forward to seeing you during regional tests!

10 months ago

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